Freediving Visualizations



Take a deep breath.

And Relax.

Visualization is a powerful mental technique that is used to mentally practice your disciplines without physically getting in the water. Visualizing yourself performing a dive to perfection has been scientifically shown to improve your performance and most of the top freediving athletes practice it to some degree.

Visualization Structure

1) Body Scan

Every session begins with a body scan where we assess each body part individually for any tension that you might be holding. If you find any tension, you relax it away and, if you don’t, you move on to the next part of your body. By the end of the scan, you are completely relaxed, everything is loose and ready to begin the visualization.

2) Guided Meditation

Each session then goes into a guided meditation portion. This adventure can be anything from exploring a beautiful underwater seascape to being guided through a museum of all of your proudest achievements. Each recording has a different meditation so feel free to explore them all!

3) Freediving Visualization

We finish the session with a visualization of a freediving discipline. Each one begins with getting your gear on and any of your pre-dive rituals. Then, you get in the water and your official top begins. You begin your dive and we go into the specific technique for the dive. You complete the dive and conclude with a celebration of your achievement.


Can I download the audio?

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the products, we don’t offer digital downloads. At this time, we only allow you to stream the audio from the website. This is so that we can make updates to the audio based on user feedback to provide the best user experience for your training.

Why do I need to subscribe?

We thought long and hard about whether to offer the sessions as a one time purchase or as a subscription. We opted to go for a subscription service to keep the costs down and to also account for the fact that, from season to season, you may train in different disciplines. As such, a subscription allows you to cancel the discipline you are no longer currently training and get access to the discipline you are currently training instead!

Do you do custom sessions?

We absolutely do! We know that every person is different and, while we worked hard to include general discipline techniques in the recordings, they may not always match your specific style of diving and that can distract you. As such, we do offer custom sessions where you first answer an extensive questionnaire that goes into the fine details of your dive and we then create a session that exactly matches your dive. In this way, you are able to best train your mind and visualize your dives!

You can purchase a custom session with us by clicking here!

What is your refund policy?

You can check out our full refund policy here but the short version is that we do offer a full refund, no questions asked, within the first 7 days of purchase or renewal of a subscription.



I've always heard of the positive effects that visualization can have on an athlete's performance but never knew where to begin or how to proceed. After incorporating these guided visualizations into my regular training program, I feel more confidant than ever that I can now stay in control of my thoughts during a dive and silence what my coach calls the "Chattering Monkeys" in my head. I now hold these visualizations with the same regard and importance to my performance as training in the water or the weight room.

Jay Magee
American Freediver, Instructor Candidate, and Swiftwater Rescue Tech

Nervous and fidgety before my first competition and record attempt, Brandon offered to walk me through a visualization. By the end of it I was relaxed, calm, and confident that not only was I prepared to do my best, but that I would have a peaceful night's sleep and feel my best on comp day. The next day I did exactly what we had visualized and set the record!

Evan Walther
American National Record Holder

Seriously enjoyed my visualization session! Usually, it’s difficult to record my own visualizations since I don’t enjoy my own voice being played back to me. This recording was easy to follow and the vivid descriptions Brandon gives really help keep me focused on the session. I will definitely be back for a custom session soon!

Cassandra Cooper
Canadian Freediving National Record Holder
{ is a great tool! A nice and natural guided meditation that takes you through all the steps of a dive. I've been using it to relax during my stretching session and to mentally prepare for the dive and it helps a lot to be guided by Brandon's voice.

Walid Boudhiaf
Freediving World Record Holder and Tunisian National Record Holder

As a competitive athlete who struggles with an anxiety disorder, I felt like these guided visualizations made the world of difference to the way my brain interacts with freediving. Brandon really knows how to soothe my busy mind and have me focusing on the things that matter during my dive. I feel rewired and more confident in my ability to execute my dives after going through these visualizations.

Talya Semrad
South African Freediving National Record Holder