About Me

I have always been fascinated by visualizations and the power of the mind to trick itself into making physiological changes in the body.

Brandon Reed

Brandon Reed is an American freediving instructor, content creator, breath training and visualization coach, and a freediving commentator living in South Africa. He began diving in early 2019 and is most well known for his commentary at various freediving world championship events around the world starting in 2021.

Brandon launched, a coaching website that provides technical freediving visualizations and guided meditations for freedivers of all levels to use to mentally practice their dives and performances outside of the water. Brandon credits this mental training with his fast progress in the sport and finds that sessions like these have also had a positive impact on the rest of his life as well as his freediving capabilities.

Brandon is currently traveling around the world as the manager of Deep Week, a week long freediving retreat for freedivers of all levels to experience excellent freediving education, meet new divers, and generally have an amazing time! He is also a breath training coach, follows the competitive freediving scene as a commentator, and dives for himself when he can. He teaches, trains and, every now and then, enjoys a good cup of decaf coffee.