Deep Week Thailand 23 Pre-Deep Week Training

The Next Group Zoom Call: November 22nd at 8:00am Thailand Time

Each week we get together to discuss what will be happening during our training in the next week, celebrate our wins from the previous week, and spend a little bit of time together prepping for Deep Week! Make sure you are there to get to know your fellow Deep Weekers!

Weekly Dry Training Schedule

Its suggested that you do these sessions one day on and one day off. Dont forget to journal before and after the session to keep track of your progress!

Week 1: Final Breath and Relaxation

Week 1 Video Call Recording

Using the High Volume, Low-Intensity Audio Recording

Week 2: Holding Off The Urge To Breathe Through Mindfulness and Visualization

Week 2 Video Call Recording

Here is the training for this week!

Week 3: Equalization Tips and Exercises
Week 4: Hypercapnic Breathing and Recovery
Journal Questions

Answer these questions in a journal or on a digital spreadsheet!

Today’s Date
Today’s Session
How am I feeling before this session? Did I have a good night’s sleep? Is there a lot on my mind?

1 to 10

I feel Happy
I feel Rested
I feel Loved
I feel Satisfied
I feel Motivated

How am I feeling after the session?

1 to 10

Contractions were comfortable
Urge to breathe was comfortable
Final Breath was comfortable
Physical relaxation was good
Mental relaxation was good

Final thoughts?

Dry Training Audio

Listen along to these recordings while tracking your own progress in your journal!

High Volume Low Intensity 20X2:00

by Brandon Reed | Updated October 2022

Medium Volume Medium Intensity Static (2:00, 3:00, 4:00)

by Brandon Reed | Updated November 2022

Hypercapnic Breathing

by Brandon Reed | Updated November 2022

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